About me
My name is Natalia and welcome to Reactivate Yourself.

I’m a Polish woman which is living in Holland for last couple of years. Since the first time I came here, I felt in love with this country, with it culture, landscape and one really special and amazing Dutch man.
For last few months I started to get more interested in life-coaching, meditation, spiritual life, being an entrepreneur and living my life to my full potential. That’s why I decided to create “Reactivate Yourself”. To motivate myself to work on my body and mind, share my stories with others, and hopefully help them in their transformations too.

My life started to change after being depressed for few months. When I started to be afraid of going outside and even look at people. I decided to move to a different country. Without speaking the native language. Little bit extreme, I know. My decision was really quick. Really, really quick. It took me exactly one week to move from Poland to Holland. Yes, I can be really impulsive with making decision. Most of the people will try to take small steps, but at that time I felt so bad, that I said to myself “Now or never” and took a leap of faith. Now I’m living with my boyfriend who is also my best friend and a soul mate. Without taking that leap of faith, possibility of meeting him could be 1:10000000000000000000000… ;)

I am a happy person. But still have the feeling that something is missing in my life. And hope that with sharing my life, my happy moments and struggles of everyday life, I can get where I want to be. That I will find that missing puzzle piece in my life.  I heard from few people that sharing your goals online can motivate you better. Never did it before. Mostly what I did it was printing all motivational quotes and pictures. Putting them on the wall, and that was all what I did with them. Look at them, read them, and just ignore. That’s why I decided to give it a try and share it online.  And that’s how that website was created.

I decided to name my website because I feel that I need to reactivate myself. Honestly, the last time I remember I was a “alive” me, was when I was a kid. That afterwards I was just surviving. I won’t tell you that my life was bad, and I had awful time at school etc. Actually I had a great time at school (read: good time, not grades), always had a lot of friends, and I was surrounded by love and warmth of my family. Of course it wasn’t perfect, but was good how it was. I had ups and downs. But now, maybe because 30th birthday are around the corner, I decided to finally do something with my life. In last 2 years I had times that I was on a good track, but there was always something working against me. And I felt like I'm going in circles.
Last December I said “Enough is enough”. But this time I’m taking my time. I’m not rushing. I take little steps and make small changes. The first mistake I always made, was that I was throwing myself at once in a deep water. And I wanted to change everything at once, but not anymore. Everything needs time.
For the last months I felt “dead” inside. I was still smiling and enjoying my life, but deep inside my heart I knew I need and deserve more. And with January 11 2017 I started to reactivate myself.

Please remember that I'm a newbiew in everything I'm gonna do now and like everybody I can make mistakes.

If you have any questions, comments or feedback for me, feel free to contact me. You can leave a comment here or find me on: Facebook , Instagram , Twitter , Snapchat or Y ouTube .

Thank you so much for taking your pressure time and read this.  I hope to see you on the blog soon or any other social media platform of “Reactivate yourself”.

Lots of love,